17 June, 2024

Regional Centre


Regional Centres, the sub-offices of the University for all practical purposes, act as Resources Centres of the University in the respective regions. Regional Centres are centres for training of Coordinators, Counsellors and other functionaries of Study Centres and Learner Support Centres. They provide a venue for the students, guardians, academicians and other concerned to obtain information about IGNOU and the programmes on offer, take admissions and participate in multifarious activities pertaining to the delivery of academic programmes and providing of learner support services, and to express their views with reference to a particular subject. In order to undertake the above mentioned activities, the Regional Centres have been provided with the below mentioned facilities.

  • Library with study materials of all the academic programmes, Programme Guides and some reference books
  • Direct Receiving System (DRS) and equipment to receive satellite signals for interactive teleconference
  • EDUSAT facilities
  • Video cassettes / CDs of all academic programmes and the recordings of interactive teleconference
  • Audio cassettes / CDs of all academic programmes and the recording of interactive radio conferences
  • Computer Laboratory equipped with computers, servers, CD-writers, Scanners and printers
  • Telephone and Fax
  • TV / VCR / VCD
  • Internet and related items
  • Adequate furniture
  • Promotional literature of the University.